Strataegos Consulting was founded in 2005 based on a conviction to improve the strategic management of public and private organizations. Strataegos Consulting is specialized in strategy consulting with a special focus on strategy execution. Despite its crucial importance to every organization many organizations lack a sound strategy. Even well-formulated strategies are useless when they are not successfully executed. For decades survey after survey reveal that most strategy executions fail.

Strataegos Consulting was founded to help organizations develop and execute innovative strategies that create sustainable value to customers, employees and society. We do this from both a scientific and people-oriented perspective. The best strategies are based on facts and analyses while successful execution requires people-management. We believe that strategy and strategy execution are both a science and art and that soft and hard aspects are equally important.


We are a world leading strategy consultancy that empowers our clients to successfully develop and execute their strategy. We combine state-of-the-art academic strategy research with our strategy consulting practice. Our clients seek us out for important issues that shape the future of their organization. By combining strategy, execution, organization and finance we arrive at the best results for our clients.


Our mission is to empower our clients to develop and execute innovative strategies that provide sustainable value to customers, employees, stakeholders, society and the environment. Together with our clients we develop a clear strategy, improve the structure, culture and processes of the organization, generate new revenues and improve financial results and the satisfaction of clients and employees


  • We develop creative and innovative strategies and support the execution of those strategies. Even the best strategies are useless until they are successfully executed.
  • We always strive to achieve tangible results and added value for our clients. We distinguish ourselves by entrepreneurship, strategic vision, analytical skills, state-of-the-art scientific knowledge of strategy and a people-oriented approach.
  • We support our clients in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage vis-à-vis their competitors. This results in higher revenues, lower costs, higher employee and customer satisfaction and better financial performance.
  • We always offer independent and objective advice in which we combine an analytical and fact-based approach with a strong sense of human relations.
  • We have entrepreneurial experience ourselves allowing us to empathize with the challenges that our customers face. We strive for the highest quality for our clients and are dedicated to the success of their organization. Together with our clients we build a sustainable future for their organization.


Dr. Arnoud van der Maas is strategy consultant and owner at Strataegos Consulting - a strategy consultancy specialized in strategy execution. His passion is to help organizations better develop and execute their strategies. Arnoud has over 14 years of experience as strategy consulting, senior controller, strategic financial advisor, health care entrepreneur and PhD researcher. Arnoud combines his practical experience as strategy and finance consultant with his state-of-the-art scientific knowledge of strategy and strategy execution. Arnoud received his PhD in Strategic Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University - one of the top 5 European business schools. Arnoud wrote a PhD thesis on strategy execution in public and private organizations from an international perspective. He is an international expert in strategy execution. Arnoud published articles on strategy, strategy execution, finance and planning & control, available for free on this website.